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Study Visa

To obtain the Study Visa it is necessary to request information directly from the Italian Embassy or Consulate of your country about the requirements that the school must have. One of the requirements for obtaining the study visa is the certificate of enrollment (or the invitation letter). To receive it, it is necessary to pay the full price of the course. Upon receipt of the full amount, the school will issue the enrollment certificate.
NaCLIPS cannot guarantee obtaining a Study Visa. In the event that the visa is not issued, the school will reimburse the full amount of the course only if the student shows an official document from the embassy / consulate / airport explaining the reasons why the visa was not issued.
The school will retain 20% for secretarial fees.

Payment methods for the deposit:

Bank transfer:
NaCLIPS Naples Italian Culture and Language Association for Foreigners
UniCredit 34707 Naples Cavour, P.zza Cavour 4


Account number: 000105129971
ABI: 02008
CAB: 03451
IBAN: IT70D0200803451000105129971




Bank Transfer.

PayPAL (

Please note: any transaction costs are charged to the student and will be covered with the payment of the balance that will be made on site.

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