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CILS (Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language) is a certification issued by the University for Foreigners of Siena. It is valid for obtaining the EC residence permit (A2 integration) and citizenship (B1 citizenship). It can also be used both in the world of work and in the university world, and is recognized by public and private institutions. The certification is based on the six levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). Each exam evaluates the language and communication skills of the 4 skills: writing, reading, speaking, listening. The exam is passed with a pass in each section. For most levels, it will be possible to repeat the single skill in the next session. NaCLIPS organizes exam preparation courses, in which you study the structure of the exam and practice on tests from previous sessions. The aim is to fill some grammatical gaps but the lessons are aimed at acquiring a certain familiarity with the tests (timing, methods of answers, types of questions, etc …)

2022 exam dates and deadlines for registration

17 February

Registration closing january 17

A2 Integration B1 Citizenship

7 April

Registration closed 7 march

A2 A2 Integration B1 Citizenship B1 Adolescents B2

31 May

Registration deadline april 19

A1 A1 Children / A1 Adolescents A2 Children / A2 Teenagers A2 Integration B1 Adolescents B1 Citizenship B1, B2, C1, C2

21 July

Enrollment closed 21 june

A2 Integration B1 Citizenship

20 October

Enrollment closed 20 september

A2 A2 Integration B1 Citizenship

15 December

Registration closed 4 november

A1 A1 Children / A1 Adolescents A2 Children / A2 Teenagers A2 Integration B1 Adolescents B1 Citizenship B1, B2, C1, C2

Exam Preparation

If you want to practice the exam tests, familiarize yourself with the required exercises, experiment with the exam times, challenge yourself to feel more confident on the day of the exam and fill a few grammatical gaps, sign up for our preparation group course!

Exam / fee fees for each CILS skill to be repeated

If you wish to register only for the exam, you can find the prices below.

Cils A1 and A2

40 Euros 12 Euros - Capitalization

Cils A1 and A2 Integration

40 Euros No Capitalization


90 Euros 22 Euros - Capitalization

B1 Adolescents

70 Euros 17 Euros - Capitalization

B1 Citizenship

100 Euros No Capitalization


105 Euros 23 Euros - Capitalization


135 Euros 30 Euros - Capitalization


160 Euros 35 Euros - Capitalization

Come Iscriversi

To register, it is necessary to follow the procedure described here.– Fill out a registration form on the site. – Specify the type of course you choose or the level of the exam you want to take. – Send by email to a photocopy of the identity document and the payment receipt made by bank transfer via email. -Payment must be made in a lump sum

Dati per il pagamento

Payment must be made payable to: Associazione NaCLIPS Napoli Cultura e Lingua Italiana Per Stranieri UniCredit 34707 Napoli Cavour, P.zza Cavour 4 Numero di conto: 000105129971 ABI: 02008 CAB: 03451 CODICE SWIFT/BIC: UNCRITM1F14 IBAN: IT70D0200803451000105129971 ***any transaction fees are charged to the student.