Individual Course

Cultura e Lingua Italiana Per Stranieri a Napoli

The best way to learn Italian quickly is to take an individual course, in which the teacher’s attention is exclusively dedicated to you.

With an individual course it is possible to organize lessons suited to your needs, answer your questions and clarify your doubts without having to respect the times and topics of a group course.
In addition, there is maximum flexibility: you decide how many lessons per week and how long!

The individual course is the best solution for those who want to study intensely and learn quickly.

Prices and durations:

1 lesson of 1 hour: 25 euros.
5 lessons of 1 hour: 110 euros.
10 lessons of 1 hour: 200 euros.

1 lesson of 2 hours: 40 euros.
5 lessons of 2 hours: 180 euros.
10 lessons of 2 hours: 340 euros.


1 lesson of 3 hours: 55 euros.
5 lessons of 3 hours: 250 euros.
10 lessons of 3 hours: 480 euros.

1 lesson of 4 hours: 70 euros.
5 lessons of 4 hours: 320 euros.
10 lessons of 4 hours: 620 euros.

To register for the course send an email to
For contacts and information, write us on WhatsAPP: +39 345 15 76767