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Culture and Italian Language for Foreigners in Naples

NaCLIPS uses a method communicative-situational. The student has an active role in learning and the teacher's task is to help him to develop above all the communicative competence, in addition to the linguistic one. The training path will resemble that of an Italian mother tongue, focusing on the most common situations to allow the student to immediately practice the language!

The lessons of the standard and special courses:

- are available for all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (where not indicated)

-include a part dedicated to grammar with exercises and a part dedicated to conversation;

- offer teaching materials on loan for the duration of the course;

-precise, at their end, the assignment of tasks whose performance is optional

- they ask for one reservation required with a minimum of 7 days in advance.


Standard Courses

Group course

Four-month course

Individual course

-Italian at home

Skype course

Exam Preparation


Special Courses

- Creative writing (+ b1)

-The Italian with the TV series (+ b1)


- Two steps into the city

Cooking lesson (Italian at the table)

Naples 5 senses

Starting dates for 2019 group courses
21 January, 18 February, 18 March, 15 April, 13 May, 10 June, 15 July, 5 August, 2 September, 30 September, 28 October, 25 November

Closing dates of the school
In case of mid-week festive recurrence, our school anticipates the closure on Monday to guarantee the continuity of teaching..
During the 2019, the school will be closed on the following days: 1 January, 3 May, 12 August, from 24 to 31 December.

study Italian